Module 10: Diversity Training


Modern work environments tend to be melting pots for race, culture, and gender. As well, there has been in recent years dawning recognition that, in fairness, they must accommodate persons with physical and mental disabilities. Recognizing this diversity in the cultural tapestry that comprises most workplaces is essential for organizational personnel at all levels.

Workplaces that recognize cultural and other diversity convey that they value all of their workers. They also send a resounding message through the organization to the effect that all workers are deserving of respect and are part of a larger culture that makes for a harmony and productivity.

The reciprocal is true. Workplaces that fail to recognize the diversity of their workers convey lack of respect, intolerance, and the idea that some individuals or groups are more valuable than others.

By the end of this workshop, participants will understand the importance of recognizing cultural diversity in the workplace, and of harnessing that diversity in the interest of promoting fairness and freedom from trouble.