workplace.calm, inc. is a multidisciplinary group of experienced clinicians and researchers with an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges and complexities in fine workplace environments and relationships.

All organizations, whether in the private or public sectors, are generally subject to two key guiding principles; the first having to do with the organization and its objectives, and the second having to do with the needs and goals of individual workers.

Through knowledge, experience, and clinical acumen, the dedicated consultants at workplace.calm, inc. can help public and private sector organizations and individual workers resolve interpersonal difficulties, reduce stress and other elements of a negative workplace environment that demoralize workers and create a setback for the organization.

workplace.calm, inc. has a track record of helping organizations deal with both chronic and urgent interpersonal conflicts and concerns about potential violence, as well as innovative programs for promoting stress reduction, mutual respect, and positive regard for the cultural diversity that defines most Canadian workplaces.



When unavoidable problems do arise, workplace.calm, inc. offers an innovative individual assessment service to provide an organization with sensible and practical recommendations for managing worrisome employees and/or situations. This model focuses on the evaluation of:

  • major mental disorders (psychiatric)
  • psychological/emotional disturbance
  • psychosocial stressors
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Workplace Audit

workplace.calm, inc. offers broad-based consultation on a range of issues, including harassment and violence policy, organizational analysis, workplace stress reduction program, hiring and termination, critical incident debriefing, as well as development and maintenance of a workplace violence response team.

workplace.calm, inc. also  provides a full range of treatment services, skills-based intervention, and mediation programs to resolve workplace conflict and provide troubled employees with the assistance they require to resume a productive role in the organization.

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Books & Guides

Dr. Bloom has co-authored and co-edited a number of books in the area of psychiatry and law.  

He is also lead author on two first-of-their kind tools for assessing a worker’s potential for violence in the workplace, the Employee Risk Assessment-20 (ERA-20), and assessing the workplace for systemic risk, the Workplace Risk Assessment-20 (WRA-20).

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workplace.calm, inc. offers clients a variety of training programs aimed at preventing and handling workplace violence. These include:

  • risk assessment training
  • violence and harassment training
  • interpersonal skills training
  • diversity training
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