The ERA-20 is a first of its kind risk assessment tool, designed specifically to evaluate an individual worker’s risk for engaging in violence in the workplace.

The ERA-20 carefully defines and describes the 20 items most relevant to evaluating an individual’s risk for workplace violence. The rationale for including an item is drawn from the scientific literature currently amassing in the fields of risk assessment and violence prediction, from the developing field of workplace violence risk assessment, and from a wealth of clinical experience.

The ERA-20 Guide describes each item in detail, the relevant background to its inclusion, and the manner in which the items should be scored.

The format of the Guide is user-friendly, and while it is more specifically for use by trained clinicians who in their consultative work make considered judgements about workplace risk, the Guide will assist human resources, corporate health, corporate security, union officials, and employment lawyers to get a broad sense of how much concern an organization is justified in having about a worker’s behaviour.



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