Assessing Disruptive Profesional Behaviour (DPB)

Workplaces are increasingly relying on mental health consultants to help them assess and manage inappropriate workplace behaviours ranging from disruptive behaviour to frank violence. Professional (health care and law offices, etc.) settings are no exception to this trend. Workplace.calm, inc. has responded to increasing demand for consultation regarding a range of inappropriate and disruptive professional behaviours (DPB). The increase in referrals reflects heightened awareness of the problem (with concomitant diminution in tolerance for such behaviour), and new workplace codes of conduct that provide clearer definitions of actionable behaviours. Our primary mandate has almost always been to assess the professional, explain the behaviour, estimate risk for recurrence, make meaningful recommendations concerning remediation of psychological, emotional and behavioural difficulties, and where requested, address any systemic contribution.

Rapid Assessment of Workplace Behaviour

Thorough and intensive evaluations of all problematic workplace behaviour, whether involving professionals (doctors, lawyers, veterinarians, accountants, etc.), or any worker, often take considerable time to complete. In the meanwhile, the parties are left standing by without a sense of what measures need to be taken in order to correct a problem that has often gone on for some time. There are, as well, many instances in which pay and benefits may be suspended until the problem behaviour has been assessed, and the matter dealt with.

To assist parties in quickly addressing and resolving problematic workplace behaviour, Workplace.calm, inc. offers a first-of-its-kind rapid assessment protocol. With the appropriate information in place in advance of the assessment, the multidisciplinary team at Workplace.calm, inc. can evaluate the individual, and complete a detailed report, including meaningful risk reduction recommendations, all within a week.